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Pre-Reading Files Pink Level Index Blue Level Index
Letter-Sound Match Set 1
Letter-Sound Match Set 2
Letter-Sound Dominos
Alphabet Flashcards
Upper Case-Lower Case Match 1
Upper Case-Lower Case Match 2
Upper/Lower Match Pictures 1
Upper/Lower Match Pictures 2
Upper/Lower Match Pictures 3
Number/Color Word Match
Letter-Sound Bingo Set 1
Letter-Sound Bingo Set 2
Spy and Find Cards
Hand Shaped Flashcards
Letter Bingo Sets
Number/Color Word Bingo Sets
Alphabet Game
Shape Sequencing
Color Word Flashcards
Living and Non-Living

Pink Reading
Moveable Alphabet
Pink Moveable Alphabet Pictures
Pink Phonetic Picture Labeling
Pink Beginning Sound Cards
Pink Vowel Choice Sets
Pink Ending Sounds
Pink Word Lists
Pink Dominos
Pink Command Sentences
Pink Spelling Cards
Pink Bingo Sets (C-V-C Words)
Pink Mystery Word Sets
Vowel Sorting
Nomenclature Cards
Pink Mirror Cards
One Word Booklets

Pink Grammar
Pink Capitalization Cards
Pink Punctuation Cards
Phonetic Noun Cards
Phonetic Noun-Adj Cards
Pink Noun Puzzles
Introduction to Grammar Symbols
Punctuation Mark Nomenclature Cards

Pink Word Study
Pink Rhyming Words
Pink Singular/Plural Sets
Pink Alphabetical Order Set

Blue Reading
Moveable Alphabet
Blue Moveable Alphabet Pictures
Blue Phonetic Picture Labeling
Blue Beginning Sounds
Blue Vowel Choice
Blue Ending Sounds
Blue Word Lists
Blue Dominos
Blue Command Sentences
Blue Spelling Cards
Blue Bingo Cards (Phonetic)
Blue Mystery Word Sets
Blue Consonant Blends
Blue Word Riddles
Blue Missing Word Sentences
Nomenclature Cards
Blue Charades
One Word Booklets

Blue Grammar
Blue Capitalization/Punctuation Cards
Blue Noun CrossWord Puzzles
Blue Noun Wordsearch Puzzles
Blue Noun Set
Blue Noun-Adj Set
Blue Noun-Verb Set
Punctuation Mark Nomenclature Cards

Blue Word Study
Blue Singular/Plural Sets
Blue Rhyming Words
Blue Alphabetical Order Sets
Blue Syllable Set

Green Level Index Nomenclature Cards Index Math Files

Green Reading
Green Picture Labeling
Green Dominos
Green Missing Word Sentences
Green Bingo Sets (Phonemes)
Green Phoneme Choice Card Sets
Green Word Riddle Cards
Green Word Lists
Green Spelling Cards
Green Charade Cards
Long and Short Vowel Sort
Mystery Word Set
"Silent E" Matching

Green Grammar
Sentence Booklet
Subjects and Predicates Booklet
Green Capitalization/Punctuation
Non-Phonetic Noun Cards
Non-Phonetic Noun-Adj Cards
Non-Phonetic Verb Cards
Non-Phonetic Verb-Adv Cards
Non-Phonetic Pronoun Cards
Non-Phonetic Preposition Cards
Collective Group Nouns
Common and Proper Nouns
Complete & Incomplete Sentences
Interjection Cards
Gender Noun Cards
Building Sentences
Comparison of Adjectives
Comparison of Adverbs
Sentence Analysis Sets
Punctuation Mark Nomenclature Cards

Green Word Study
Green Rhyming Word Sets
Green Synonyms
Green Antonym Card Sets
Green Singular/Plural Sets
Green Antonym Bingo Sets
Green Synonym Bingo Sets
Alphabetical Order to 2nd Letter
Compound Word Cards
Contraction Cards



Social Science Materials

US States and Capitals 3-Part Cards
US State Abbreviation Cards
US States Coordinate Cards

US Presidents 3-Part Cards
US State Flag Cards

Continent Nomenclature Cards Set 1
Continent Nomenclature Cards Set 2
Continent Command Cards
Continent Command Cards 2
European Landmarks Nomenclature
Asian Landmarks Nomenclature
Africa Landmark Nomenclature Cards
South American Landmarks NomenclatureNorth American Landmark Nomenclature Cards

Compass Rose

Three Branches of Government
Pledge of Allegiance Command Card Set
U.S. Bill of Rights Set

Primary and Secondary Sources
Identifying Primary and Secondary Card Set
Time Period Card Set



Famous Paintings Set 1
Famous Paintings Set 2

Spanish/English Materials

Number Words
Vegetable Nomenclature Cards
Animal Nomenclature Cards
Color Words
Days of the Weeks
Months of the Year
School Nomenclature Cards
Outdoor Vocabulary Nomenclature Cards
Spanish Phrases Set 1
Spanish Phrases Set 2

French/English Materials

Number Words
Color Words
Days of the Week

Latin/English Materials
Common Latin Words Set 1
Greek/Latin Numerals

Fruit Nomenclature Cards
Vegetable Nomenclature Cards
Outdoor Vocabulary Nomenclature Cards
Geometric Shapes Nomenclature Cards
Tool Nomenclature Cards
Farm Animal Nomenclature Cards
School Nomenclature Cards
Coin Nomenclature Cards
Kitchen Nomenclature Cards
Valentine's Nomenclature Cards
Snow Nomenclature Cards
Spring Nomenclature Cards
Punctuation Nomenclature Cards

Parts of a Tree Nomeclature/3-Part Cards
Parts of a Leaf Nomeclature/3-Part Cards


Elementary Advanced Language
Diagramming Sentences: Beginner Package

Elementary Advanced Reading

Fact & Opinion

Elementary Advanced Word Study
Word Study Commands
Idiom Sets
Wordle Synonym Cards
Root Word Cards
Root Word Commands
Recipe Abbreviations
Common Abbreviations
Common Latin Phrases
Advanced Syllable Cards

Themed Material

Themed Material Index
Snow Themed Material
Valentine's Day Themed Material
Spring Themed Materials


Administrative Templates

Administrative/Templates Index
Weekly Schedule
Checklist - 25 students
Checklist - 30 students
Checklist - 35 students
Class Information Sheet
Parent-Teacher Conference Record

Science Index
Cell Information Packet
Plant Cell 3-Part Cards
Animal Cell 3-Part Cards
Venn Diagram: Comparing Plant and Animal Cells
Cell Command Cards
Parts of a Flower Labeling Activity
Parts of a Flower 3-Part Cards
Parts of a Tree Nomenclature/3-Part Cards
Parts of a Leaf Nomenclature/3-Part Cards

Astronomy Sequencing Set
Astronomy 3-Part Cards: The Planets
Astronomy 3-Part Cards: Set 2
Moon Phase Set
Moon Phase: 3-Part Cards
Layers of the Earth: 3-Part Cards
Anatomy of a Comet

Labeling Planets
Life Cycle of a star 3-Part cards
Life Cycle of a star: Labeling Activity

Famous Astronomer 3-Part Card Set
Cloud 3-Part Cards
Clock of Eras

Structure of the Earth Commands
Layers of the Sun 3-part Cards
Sun: Command Cards
Sun: Fact or Opinion cards
Solar System Pushpin Templates

Origin of Planet Names
Major Biome Nomenclature/3-Part Cards

Landform 2-Part Cards
Rock Cycle Diagram
Nocturnal/Diurnal Cards

Simple Machine 3-Part Cards
Simple Machine Sorting Cards
Work Practice Problem Commands
Work Booklet

Number Sense/Sequencing
Golden Bead Materials
Sandpaper Numerals Album
Red & Blue Rods
Bead Stairs
Counting Memory Game
Counting Game
Number Cards and Counters
Number Flashcards
Shape Sequencing
Sorting Number Cards
Hundred Board
Pattern Activity
How Many?Numbers 1-10
How Many? Game Instructions
Operation Sign Patterning Activity
Tally Mark Cards
Ordinal Number Sets 1 & 2
Uses of Numbers
Tracing Numbers 0-9
Comparing Numbers

Counting Arrangement Game
Matching Number Quantities

Golden Bead Numeration Commands
Hyphens and Numbers Booklet
Writing Numbers Set

Attribute Sets 1-4

Number Operations/Place Value
Large/Small Number Cards
Addition Cards
Subt. Cards
Mult. Cards
Div. Cards
Operations Reference Sheets
Math Tiles (All operations)
Operations Booklets
Lined Place Value Paper
Graph Paper Recording Booklet
Ten Board
Addition Strip Board
Mult. Strip Board
Div. Strip Board
Subt. Strip Board
Stamp Game
Divisibility Cards
Mult. Array Cards
Math Symbols Nomenclature Cards

Place Value Cards
Place Value Command Cards
Place Value Riddles
Beginning Word Problems Set 1
Beginning Word Problems Set 2

Fact Family Commands

Exponent Commands
"More Than" Commands
Addition Game Commands
Addition Word Problems Set 3
Number Games Set 1
Number Games Set 2

Matching 10 Frames
Famous Mathematicians
Beginning Word Prob (Subtr)-Set 1

Time on the Hour Cards
Time on the Half-Hour Cards
Time on the Quarter-Hour Cards
Months/Yr/Days of Wk Abbrev
Equivalent Time Card
Elapsed Time on the Hour Commands

Time on the Hour Booklet
Elapsed Time Commands Set 2

Coin Nomenclature Cards
How Many? 1-10 Penny Set
Counting Coin Card Set
Coin Equivalents
Coupon Activity-Subtracting Money
Making Change Command Cards
Rounding Change to the Dollar
Unit Price Command Card
Coin Commands
Coin Commands Set 2
"Change Back" Card Set

Fractions and Decimals
Labeling Parts of a Fraction
Fraction Circles
Fraction Cards
Fraction Vocabulary Cards
Writing Fraction Symbols
Writing Fraction Names
Fraction-Decimal Cards Tenths
Fraction-Decimal Cards Hundredths
Fraction-Decimal Matching

Percent of A Number
Equivalent Fraction Matching
Fraction Commands
Equal/Not Equal Parts

Line Nomenclature Cards
Special Lines Nomenclature Cards
Anatomy of an Angle Nomenclature Cards
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Solids
Geometry Nomenclature Cards
Polygon-Not Polygon Sorting Cards
Polygon Scavenger Hunt
Polygon Sorting
Perimeter Instruction Booklet
Perimeter Cards
Perimeter Word Problems
Area Instruction Book
Area Practice Cards

Geometry Command Cards
Perimeter Geo-Board Cards
Perimeter Problem Cards
Circumference Practice
Parts of a Circle

Perimeter Problems: Irregular Figures
Congruent Figures
Similar Figures

Thermometer Cards
Liquid Measurement Cards
Measurement Tools and Scenarios (2 sets)
Metric Card Set
Metric Abbreviation Cards

Measuring Lines to the Inch
Measuring Lines to the Centimeter

Charts and Graphs
Bar Charts and Cards
Pie Charts and Cards